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we know some of y’all don’t even take down your Christmas lights, and that’s how we know it’s not too early to book your Christmas, Holiday, Employee or Family Party.  Give us a call and let us know how we may help you celebrate!  Cheers!

Chef’s Table

Now, not that a chef’s table is nothing that’s novel it’s a concept that fell by the wayside. we are going to breathe life back into it. Let us take you on a journey where we do the driving! So grab at least six of your friends and let us wow the hell outta you!

Upcoming Events

Bourbon Dinner : Oct 16th & 17th (12 spots per dinner)
Addicus Legacy Dog Rescue Benefit Dinner : Nov 13th & 14th (200 spots per night)
Inaugural Cajun Turkey Carry-Out : Nov 24th & 25th (25 Turkeys per Day)
Tequila Dinner : Coming in late January

(These events will have limited spots, contact us to reserve a spot)

3 + 5 =

Craw-de-Lis Krewe

We are getting ready to relaunch and in doing so, we are also introducing the Craw-de-Lis Krewe.  Its an annual membership that has a few pretty cool dining perks and subtle recognitions.  Call and ask to speak with us and we will get you set up.


Wanna Party?

if you need a space to entertain and look important, we've got you covered, literally! From business presentations to wedding buy-outs and everything inbetween. 


306 S. Main St. Suite 107 Buda, Texas 78610



Questions, comments or concerns? Please shoot us an email.