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about mud bugs & krewe.

Mud bugs is a collection and collaboration of ideas, experiences, passions, pitfalls & triumphs throwin into a blender, shaken with sarcasm, topped with moxie and retro fitted into a weathered space to bring you a a dining experience that had fallen to the wayside. We are breathing life into a notion that was lost and forgotten for the sake of profit. No more. We look forward to introducing you to what dining out is supposed to be. We are raising the bar so that you may raise your glass. Cheers.

a full bar and Cajun joint in buda, texas


We are a wildly passionate group…

of restaurateurs and culinarians brought together to deliver elevated Cajun cuisine prepared by incredibly talented chefs and served by a krewe that gives a damn.

Raise your glass.

More than just shaking and serving with a twist or an olive, we deliver classic NOLA libations with a fresh and sought-after slant. Our drink slingers cocktails are so good that you’ll be fighting your martini glass to let it go.


306 S. Main St. Suite 107 Buda, Texas 78610



Questions, comments or concerns? Please shoot us an email.